Thursday, March 22, 2012


yesterday I had surgery. The urologist made me have it for 2 reasons

1) the stone on my left had not moved much
2) the discovered a 3 millimeter wide and 5 millimeter long stone on my right that had just left the kidney 

 I was so freaked out because I have never had a surgery so big that they have to put me under with anesthesia. The pain meds the made me feel so sick and tired the day before the surgery and the fear did not help me any. I was told I could not eat, drink, or take any pain meds after 12am the day before so by the time I got to the surgical center I was in so much pain that I was laughing for no reason (made no sense to me at the time or now). They took me back and put the IV in, the doctor came in and talked to me. After a while they wheeled me back to the OR and got me on the table. I don't even remember what happened. One minute they were putting an oxygen mask on my face and the next minute the nurse was waking me up and I felt like the world was spinning and moving slowly. They ran into a few complications but everything worked out well in the end. I get the all clear to go back to school after my post surgery on Friday!!!

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