Monday, March 26, 2012

Shaken Not Stirred

One of the worst experiences of my life last night. I took the non narcotic drugs they gave me for pain because I thought I would be best for sleep because it lasts 6 hours and would not make me loopy. I knew before I even went to sleep it was not helping the pain but I thought since I was going to sleep I would not notice the pain. I was wrong. I woke up at 2:28am shaking so bad that I got sick and could not stop shaking. I did the only thing I could think of, take the other pain pill, but they told me many times in the hospital not to take the pills together. But I was in too much pain, so I took the other pain pill. The shaking did not stop for 2 hours and during that time I got really scared and prayed that nothing bad would happen as I lay there shaking and eventually sobbing. around 4 something the shaking subsided and I was able to get to sleep but I am still slightly shaking now and cant get rid of the fear.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


yesterday I had surgery. The urologist made me have it for 2 reasons

1) the stone on my left had not moved much
2) the discovered a 3 millimeter wide and 5 millimeter long stone on my right that had just left the kidney 

 I was so freaked out because I have never had a surgery so big that they have to put me under with anesthesia. The pain meds the made me feel so sick and tired the day before the surgery and the fear did not help me any. I was told I could not eat, drink, or take any pain meds after 12am the day before so by the time I got to the surgical center I was in so much pain that I was laughing for no reason (made no sense to me at the time or now). They took me back and put the IV in, the doctor came in and talked to me. After a while they wheeled me back to the OR and got me on the table. I don't even remember what happened. One minute they were putting an oxygen mask on my face and the next minute the nurse was waking me up and I felt like the world was spinning and moving slowly. They ran into a few complications but everything worked out well in the end. I get the all clear to go back to school after my post surgery on Friday!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Started With A Movie

On what was going to be the last night home for my spring break I decided to spend it with my parents having fun. I woke up early and made sure I was able to see my mom off as she went to a Weight Watchers meeting. This meeting was a special one. My mom and her two friends were chosen to be video typed telling their story (my mom has lost somewhere near 55 pounds). After she left I worked a little and then took a nap because I was not feeling well. Due to health issues in my childhood I tend to not like to let people know when I am not feeling 100%. I find it does not really help anything. Not mentioning I was in a little pain was probably not the right thing to do. When my mom got home at 3 something we decided to go to COSCO and then to the movies to see the Eddie Murphy movie A Thousand Words. We were in and out of COSCO in 50 minutes and on to the movies. The whole time I noticed the pain in my side was getting worse and I was getting moodier and moodier. I, however chose to ignore this again. We got to the movies and bought our tickets (so expensive and we can't get out money back). We arrived at the movies right after the movie before us got out so we had to wait as they cleaned out the theater. We sat down in our seats and watched the theater's behind the scenes. I started to not be able to control my pain anymore. I could not get comfortable and It felt like someone was stabbing me in the side and back.  It hurt to breath. It hurt to move. It hurt to stay still. I asked my dad to rub my side but it just kept getting worse and worse. Just as the movie started (the previews) and the lights went down I could not take it anymore. I had even started getting a nauseous and that plus the mounting pain was WAY beyond my tolerance level. I tapped my dad, but right after I did I thought better of it because if I was going to get sick I would need to go in the ladies room and my dad was not the best person to help. I asked my dad to see if mom could come with me, I felt such guilt when I saw how upset she was and how much she did not want to miss anything. Mom and I got up and hobbled down the stairs, it felt like an eternity by the time we got to the door of viewing room. I had hoped that just standing up and walking around would help. It did not. A few minutes later I came to the conclusion that I would have to do what I dread, go to the hospital. My parents rushed me as fast as they could, unfortunate during the car ride since I could no longer suppress the pain I gave up on that completely and focused on suppressing my tears (I hate crying). I was not very successful. The ER was surprisingly empty and they got me in fast. A few hours and some wonderful pain meds later I was released. The diagnosis was Kidney Stones. I know a lot about Kidney stones because when I got back from Christmas break my roommate had kidney stones, I remember her putting up a good front during the day but sobbing in her sleep. I sent her a text the minute I got in the car, I wanted to tease her about giving me kidney stones ^o^ but my dad told me that was silly. I knew this but I thought it was funny. I now am not allowed to go back to school for a while and am on very high pain meds. I am however entertaining my parents while on my meds. I have noticed that shiny things catch my eyes more and I have a hard time concentrating. I'm praying this passes fast because I really like school and I want to get back soon. Mom tells me that kidney stones are a lot worse than giving birth, if this is true than giving birth should be a breeze for me!! It does still scare me though but that's years away so I wont worry about it now! My last thought before I go to sleep is that I feel really bad that my parents spent all that money to watch a movie and all they saw of it was a trailer for what I think is another Despicable Me Movie ;-(

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I had to go out and pick up a few things from the store. I have not been to the store in about a week so I was very surprised that instead of the green shamrock's I saw pastal colored bunnies and other furry creatures. My question is WHY? Isn't St. Patricks day in 3 days? Stores and their marketing techniques confuse me.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Big Bang's Fantastic Baby

This has got to be my favorite Big Bang song of the Year!!! I was a little put off at first and I really cant figure out why. After watching the video 3 or 4 times I not only love the song (I listen to it way to much) but I also love the video. The video starts off with an owl on a creepy tree in a seemingly deserted factory (not sure if its a factory but that's what I'm going with). We then get a shot of GD's hair as the camera slowly creeps up on GD. For this scene they lengthened his hair and added red to it so it blended in with the red cables behind him and looked like the cables where attached to him. I was originally not a fan of GD's new hair style, now, however, this video has changed my opinion and I am starting to really like it (only on him though). This video is so electrically charged that when ever I listen to it I have to be moving. It is almost impossible for me to sit still and listen to it. It is really easy to catch on to the fact that this is about illegal raves and a kind of battle between the opposing sides that ends in everyone dancing in front of big bang as they sit back on thrones with crowns on their heads. When DaeSung comes on screen in his blue suit it was the second time (first being when he came on earlier with no shirt but I'm not going to get into that) that I sat back and said "Whoa he is so hot". I've always though of DaeSung as cute but this is the first time I thought he was hot. SeunGri and GD kind of cheeped me out a bit in this video. SeunGri with the whole pack of cat women rubbing their hands over him and his chest having bloody scratches on it is a little...well...creepy. I know what they were trying to create with that but it did not hit the mark. GD on the other had was hot through most of the video and then it came to a scene where he lands on a car behind T.O.P. and he's in all white. I like the all white thing but they put something on his lips and it just made me cringe from how bad it was. I was a little unhappy with T.O.P again in this video. He moved his lips less in this video than he did in Bad Boy. There is a scene where the camera actually zooms in of his face and his rapping is going on in the back and he is just sitting there staring at the camera (01:23). The end of this video is so cool with everyone taking off their masks and dancing. I especially like the whole Boomshakalaka thing. I have found myself randomly going Boomshakalaka Boomshakalaka. Big Bang it truly on a roll and I can't see it stopping anytime soon.

Big Bang's Bad Boys

Big Bang's Second video of 2012 is Bad Boy! This song has a very different feel than their first music video "blue". Bad boy is more similar to their hip hop roots than blue. Bad boy is still more on the slow side than I'm used to from Big Bang but it has an Striking that makes you wanna get up and dance to. This is, however, still a breakup song. Where Blue was a song about big bang breaking up with the girl. Bad Boy is about a bunch of girls breaking up with big bang (would never happen in real life). I love the camera movement in this video. You move through the video with a continuous movement never halting, always moving. when one member walks off another slips in seamlessly. I like how there was a different girl for every member of the band, yet just like the last video the girls acting was pour. I also think that the girl with TaeYang is the same girl as in blue. Through out the whole video you can see big bangs breath in the air. That along with the fact that this was shot in New York and the streets are empty lead me to believe that maybe this was shot really early in the morning. That's the only time, when I have visited new york (3 times), that I have experienced both of these. I loved GD's rapping in this and his hair. T.O.P on the other hand for once I did not like. Its not really his rapping I did not like (because he could read the phone book and I would enjoy it) but his lips like never moved. His mouth opened and closed but these movements were so small that it just looked like he was not actually rapping (which in the video they don't because the sound on the video would be horrible). Since I am a big T.O.P. fan so I'm going to attribute this to the fact that it was REALLY cold and maybe it hurt to move his lips =D ^^

Big Bang's Blue

Overall I really enjoyed this song. It was slower paced and softer then what I have come to know from Big Bang. This video uses a blue tinted filter that gives Big Bang a delicate and heavyhearted look. In contrast the lone female is given a black and white filter which gives off a sense of despair and loneliness compared to Big Bang, who, though sad have a little bit of liveliness and color. I really displeased by the female leads acting in Blue. Her acting was amateur at best and a good portion of her scenes were pointless. The song in this video is so beautiful and soft which is a complete 180 from their usual Hip Hop sound. The youngest members, DaeSung and SeunGri, voices held a velvety quality that could make any girls knees week. Bravo boys!!! 

Start of Spring Break

Spring Break has just started and I have officially tired of the one activity that I set myself for the week...Sleeping ^^ ! I also got a chance to read the Hunger games book that everyone is talking about. I loved this book. It did not, however, end the way I wanted it to but I'm going to have to read the next two books to see if things straiten out or if they get more twisted!