Sunday, March 11, 2012

Big Bang's Bad Boys

Big Bang's Second video of 2012 is Bad Boy! This song has a very different feel than their first music video "blue". Bad boy is more similar to their hip hop roots than blue. Bad boy is still more on the slow side than I'm used to from Big Bang but it has an Striking that makes you wanna get up and dance to. This is, however, still a breakup song. Where Blue was a song about big bang breaking up with the girl. Bad Boy is about a bunch of girls breaking up with big bang (would never happen in real life). I love the camera movement in this video. You move through the video with a continuous movement never halting, always moving. when one member walks off another slips in seamlessly. I like how there was a different girl for every member of the band, yet just like the last video the girls acting was pour. I also think that the girl with TaeYang is the same girl as in blue. Through out the whole video you can see big bangs breath in the air. That along with the fact that this was shot in New York and the streets are empty lead me to believe that maybe this was shot really early in the morning. That's the only time, when I have visited new york (3 times), that I have experienced both of these. I loved GD's rapping in this and his hair. T.O.P on the other hand for once I did not like. Its not really his rapping I did not like (because he could read the phone book and I would enjoy it) but his lips like never moved. His mouth opened and closed but these movements were so small that it just looked like he was not actually rapping (which in the video they don't because the sound on the video would be horrible). Since I am a big T.O.P. fan so I'm going to attribute this to the fact that it was REALLY cold and maybe it hurt to move his lips =D ^^

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