Sunday, March 11, 2012

Big Bang's Fantastic Baby

This has got to be my favorite Big Bang song of the Year!!! I was a little put off at first and I really cant figure out why. After watching the video 3 or 4 times I not only love the song (I listen to it way to much) but I also love the video. The video starts off with an owl on a creepy tree in a seemingly deserted factory (not sure if its a factory but that's what I'm going with). We then get a shot of GD's hair as the camera slowly creeps up on GD. For this scene they lengthened his hair and added red to it so it blended in with the red cables behind him and looked like the cables where attached to him. I was originally not a fan of GD's new hair style, now, however, this video has changed my opinion and I am starting to really like it (only on him though). This video is so electrically charged that when ever I listen to it I have to be moving. It is almost impossible for me to sit still and listen to it. It is really easy to catch on to the fact that this is about illegal raves and a kind of battle between the opposing sides that ends in everyone dancing in front of big bang as they sit back on thrones with crowns on their heads. When DaeSung comes on screen in his blue suit it was the second time (first being when he came on earlier with no shirt but I'm not going to get into that) that I sat back and said "Whoa he is so hot". I've always though of DaeSung as cute but this is the first time I thought he was hot. SeunGri and GD kind of cheeped me out a bit in this video. SeunGri with the whole pack of cat women rubbing their hands over him and his chest having bloody scratches on it is a little...well...creepy. I know what they were trying to create with that but it did not hit the mark. GD on the other had was hot through most of the video and then it came to a scene where he lands on a car behind T.O.P. and he's in all white. I like the all white thing but they put something on his lips and it just made me cringe from how bad it was. I was a little unhappy with T.O.P again in this video. He moved his lips less in this video than he did in Bad Boy. There is a scene where the camera actually zooms in of his face and his rapping is going on in the back and he is just sitting there staring at the camera (01:23). The end of this video is so cool with everyone taking off their masks and dancing. I especially like the whole Boomshakalaka thing. I have found myself randomly going Boomshakalaka Boomshakalaka. Big Bang it truly on a roll and I can't see it stopping anytime soon.

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