Sunday, March 11, 2012

Big Bang's Blue

Overall I really enjoyed this song. It was slower paced and softer then what I have come to know from Big Bang. This video uses a blue tinted filter that gives Big Bang a delicate and heavyhearted look. In contrast the lone female is given a black and white filter which gives off a sense of despair and loneliness compared to Big Bang, who, though sad have a little bit of liveliness and color. I really displeased by the female leads acting in Blue. Her acting was amateur at best and a good portion of her scenes were pointless. The song in this video is so beautiful and soft which is a complete 180 from their usual Hip Hop sound. The youngest members, DaeSung and SeunGri, voices held a velvety quality that could make any girls knees week. Bravo boys!!! 

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