Sunday, April 8, 2012

Count Down to A Surprise For My Mom

I am so excited for today! With being sick and not having the ability or the strength to leave the house (or my couch) I had to resort to the Internet. It cost me an arm and a leg but I was able to order a medium size pretty bouquet of Easter flowers! I Got her the Sweet Splendor Bouquet from! I can't wait to see her get them. She will be so surprised because she thinks that all I have done after all my surgeries is sleep. I have done a lot of that though but I learned to hard way when I was 17 and was extremely ill and could not go to get her something. I may complain about my mom, but she does so much for my family and she deserves to be shown how much we/I love her. My dad on the other hand would rather I not spend any money on him because I don't pick out good presents for him and they end up being a waste of money and in this economy its better not to waste money on stupid stuff! Ohhhh I'm so excited!!!

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